A major influence on my designs and the reason for the company’s name is the wild beauty of Dalbeg Beach – a wild and beautiful beach cove on the west coast of The Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, off Scotland.

Over the years I have enjoyed taking raw materials and turning them into pieces that make people feel good by wearing them.  Although I have always made clothes, including prom and wedding dresses, what I love to make are all the fun fripperies that finish the outfit.


What inspires my jewellery-making most is being able to take a flat piece of silver, or a piece of silver wire, and give it a completely different shape.  It’s lovely to watch the surface of a sheet of silver begin to contort under the heat of the torch, or to make tiny pieces of silver form into molten spheres bobbing around until they are perfectly round.

On another day I’ll enjoy the calmness of just getting into the rhythm of making a continuous chain incorporating beautiful stones or pearls to make a fine necklace, bracelet or anklet.

Or happily crisscrossing cord or wire to form tactile lengths of Kumihimo or Macrame.

Although I start with a plan of what I am going to make, I like to allow myself the space to let the design evolve.  Sometimes I end up with the ring I pictured, but also start developing it further to make a suite that follows the same theme.

Most of the jewellery on this website is made from 925 Sterling Silver, either on its own or combined with genuine gemstones or freshwater cultured pearls.  It makes me feel proud when I receive my package of silver from Edinburgh Assay office containing silver stamped with my Hallmark, ready to be finished into a unique piece of jewellery.